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Oh, hello!

Hello! And welcome, welcome to our show.

Points if you know where that’s from.

Welcome to Off To Neverland.

I’m Zellie; a lover of words, fantasy, far away lands, adventure and a ton of other things. I created this space to 1) get away from prying eyes and 2) to house my more difficult topics regarding my life, my mental health and the things I struggle with the most.

It’s the internet, nothing is completely private here but at least I can create a space that will give me a peace of mind that I don’t have to censor myself here.

I struggle with anxiety, OCD, depression and I struggled with postpartum depression. I’m a whole lot of a big ass mess, but I promise I’m a fun ass mess.

So grab a cup of coffee, or tea, or wine. I’m not here to judge. You could go grab you a blunt if that’s what you use to wind down. It’s all good with me.

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