Welcome to Off To Neverland;

I am your host, Zellie. A former part time Floridan magic maker at Disney World turned full time mom in the middle of fuckin nowhere Texas. Creativity, adventure and coffee run in my veins. I have a serious problem with sitting down and slowing down; but if you’re not gonna live every minute to its fullest are you even living?

I struggle with Anxiety, Depression and OCD (gemaphobe here). On high anxiety days I have a judgmental imaginary dark gray cat who likes to stare at me. In reality I have a very sweet loving gray/white cat who likes to hug me. Causing me to trip over her sometimes when I’m unaware she’s there.

 I decided to create this blog as a place to house my raves and rants from books, to food, video games and Texas. Where I can pour my intense sadness for leaving Florida and to document my sanity journey through motherhood.

So if any of the above sounds interesting to you, please feel free to stick around. I’d love your company.